Environment Impact Assessment put on Back Burner – Business Community Applaud!


Tanzanian Minister of State in the Vice President’s Office for Union Affairs and Environment Hon. January Makamba (MP)

When National Environment Management Council (NEMC) was established in 1983, it was a resolve of Tanzania towards environmental management it made during the 1972 Stockholm Conference. When its Board was dissolved on 17th July 2017, the institution had become a  symbol of ‘laxity’ in environmental management and more of a ‘barrier to investment’ than protector of the environment.

Where did it all go wrong?

Once upon a time, NEMC had an industrialist as it’s Chairman, Dr. Reginald Mengi (who is currently TPSF Chairman). Back then its crusade on environmental protection was sound, its policies were consistent to what entrepreneurs and investors expected as progress was made. When it turned a blind eye on the needs of the industries, the bureaucrats went astray and rent-seeking skyrocketed. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) approvals became a ‘commodity’ and hefty burden on business owners and investors. During a high level private sector meeting with Hon. Philip Mpango (MP) Minister of Finance and Hon. Charles Mwijage (MP) Minister of Industries, as well as TPSF’s meeting with HE. Dr. John Pombe Magufuli, President of United Republic of Tanzania and Chairman of Tanzania National Business Council, there was an overwhelming outcry made by industrialists and investors on the issue. The business community is relieved that the government under the leadership HE. John P. Magufuli President of URT, finally addressed the issue.

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