Ministerial stakeholders meeting (Garments/apparels and footwear) 22/06/2017

At the 17th Ordinary Summit of the EAC Heads of state held in Arusha on the 2nd March 216, the summit decided to promote vertically integrated industries in leather and textile/apparels sectors. Therefore the Summit directed Partner States to phase out importation of second hand apparels and footwear within three years.


Pursuant to the Summit directive Short Term Policy measures necessary to phase-out importation of second-hand clothes and footwear into market were proposed with the view of encouraging local production to offset gap arising from stopping importation.

Among the proposed measures was granting all garments/apparels and footwear manufacturers a three years duty remission on inputs, raw materials and equipment not available within the region to ensure products to be produced are low costs and therefore affordable to EAC citizens. To that end, the EAC secretariat proposed list of inputs raw materials and equipment not available in the region for use in the manufacturing of garments/apparels and footwear as presented in the attached document.


Therefore, the Ministry has organised a key stakeholders meeting to be held on Thursday 22nd, June, 2017 to discuss in detail the prepared list before it is submitted to EAC secretariat for consideration. The meeting will take place at the Ministry of East Africa Cooperation’s Conference Room, NSSF Waterfront Building, and 5th Floor from 9am. For any clarification please contact Mr. Madiwa Hoza through 0789 222 002 or


Note: This is a closed meeting to participate you need to confirm.

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