Preps For Ministerial Dialogue Heat Up!

A-67On April 11th 2017, The Private Sector successfully held a high level consultative dialogue with government at Parliamentary grounds in Dodoma.

The consultative meeting co-chaired by Hon. Charles Mwijage Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment and Hon. Dr. Philip Mpango, Minister for Finance and Planning brought together the Government and Private Sector in one sitting to discuss impediments facing businesses. The delegation included five Deputy Ministers and representatives of each Parliamentary Standing Committees, Permanent Secretaries, Deputy Permanent secretaries and a host of senior government officials, including the Commissioner General of the Tanzania Revenue Authority.

The whole consultative meeting was centered around overcoming challenges hampering the Private Sector and the stagnation in growth of the economy, particularly with regards of realizing an industrialized Tanzania. We are glad to acknowledge that much of which was discussed and agreed upon was later implemented in 2017/18 Finance Bill. Following this success, consensus was reached that the government and the private sector should hold similar engagements on a quarterly basis.

TPSF is pleased to annouce that both Ministers from the Ministry of Industries, Trade & Investment and Ministry of Finance & Planning have agreed to meet with business community for the second time, of which congregation is expected to give updates following the initial meeting earlier this year, as well as highlighting new challenges affecting doing business in the country.

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