Private Sector Insight: Ease Export of Food Crops via ICT

content_DSC_0370Application procedure for the food crop export permit in Tanzania is an administrative restriction in order to ensure food security stability and readily availability of raw materials for value addition in the country. Tanzania is among the two countries in the Eastern, Southern Central Africa with food security hence the country has a comparative advantage as a food basket in Africa and more.

Procedure for Exporting Food Crops

Proposed Solution

Much as it is a good move to have centralized procedures. There is a need to revisit the mechanism of issuing food export permit. Most preferably an ICT system that will assist in centralizing control and data availability of the entire process of issuing permits ie since a request have been logged to being issued. It is from this context regional offices most especially those located at the boarders should have an immediate role the fact that they can surely confirm the availability of crops physically.




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