Traders advised to build trust


TPSF Chairman (Dr. R. Mengi) , Executive Director (G. Simbeye) and support secretariat in a group photo with invited Ambassadors.

NEWLY appointed Tanzania’s ambassadors to various countries abroad have called on the local business people to build trust which is crucial in forging better and strong partnership with their foreign traders.

They made the call in Dar es Salaam yesterday at a meeting with Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) to deliberate and discuss on how to link the private sector in Tanzania with other developed countries in business and investments. Lack of trust was the main weakness among local businessmen that limit their growth and prospects for linking up with foreign investors, they said.

The ambassadors to Brazil and Geneva Emmanuel Nchimbi and Dr James Nsekela respectively said that some of the business people in Tanzania were failing to maintain trust in their business especially when forming a business partnership with overseas traders.

“When I was at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I had cases involving business people in Tanzania and international traders complaining on being conned through a business partnership, “ he said .

He insisted on the need for TPSF to help in addressing the problem especially at this time when Tanzania is eyeing for partnership and development opportunities from international investors and business people in implementing the plan.

On the other hand, Ambassador Nsekela asked TPSF to build strong communication with Tanzania embassies in countries overseas in order to ensure smooth and enduring partnership between Tanzania and the rest countries.

Courtesy: Daily News 03/02/2017

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