A new Partnership between TPSF and UNICEF in ‘Children our Business”

watotoThe time for children is now

Children represent half of the population of Tanzania – 23 million today, and the customers, employees, and leaders of tomorrow. According to current projections, the population of children will reach 58 million children by 2050. This could result in a demographic dividend and an historic opportunity for the country – it will also substantially enhance the pressure on social services as the scale of demands increases.

Business is a key engine of economic growth, and is called on to contribute to social development. But business can do more.

Business interacts with children on a daily basis. Corporate practices impact the wide range of children’s rights – well-beyond child labour. The private sector can improve children’s lives through the way in which it treats employees, operates its facilities, develops and markets its products, provides its services, and exerts its influence on economic and social development.
A new partnership between TPSF and UNICEF

As a leading voice for the promotion of private sector led social and economic development in Tanzania, the Tanzanian Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) has engaged in a dialogue with UNICEF regarding the influence and impact of business practices on children and the realization of their rights.

TPSF and UNICEF are initiating a series of discussions on Children’s Rights and Business Principles, mirroring a range of initiatives that are engaging the private sector all over the world. The first meeting will took place today on October 18th, gathering members of the Board of TPSF and the CEO Roundtable.

These consultations will engage today’s leaders on tomorrow’s workforce – sharing knowledge, seeking feedback and reaching a common understanding on the business case to invest in children. The objective is to reach out to business leaders so as they mobilize their drive, talent and influence to take action, for every child.

Are children your business?
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