Active Members 2020

Tanzania Private Sector Foundation  (TPSF) is the umbrella apex body of Private Sector in Tanzania. It is the Largest Leading Business Community in Tanzania which brings together members of Private Sector from more than 14 Business Clusters representing all economic sectors and business groups such as Agriculture, Manufacturing and Industries, Tourism and Hospitality, Construction and Engineering, Trade and Commerce, Banking and Financial Sector, Services, Women Entrepreneurs, Transport and Logistics,  Extractive Industries, Energy and Mining, Oil and Gas, Corporates and Large Enterprises.

Our members include Business Associations such as TATO, EUBG, TAOMAC, AFRICAN FORESTRY,  TSPA, OGAT, CTI, CEOrt,  TCT (Tourism Confederation of Tanzania)  etc. Corporate Members like TCC LTD, VODACOM, KEDS (T) LIMITED, and Associate Members such as BRELA, TIC, TBS, TANTRADE, SIDO, EPZA etc.

We are very grateful for all our members and private sector stakeholders for the roles they play to the growth of Private Sector in Tanzania, but we are even more proud of our Active and Loyal Members who come out of their way to support TPSF without let up by faithfully fulfilling their constitutional obligation of paying their Annual Membership Subscription Fees. They do so faithfully because they understand and appreciate the important role played by their association TPSF and they want to sustain and enable it to fulfill her mandate as the member based umbrella organization and the voice of private sector in Tanzania.

TPSF wishes to recognize and appreciate the following associations and enterprises below as Our Active and Loyal Members  of Year 2020