Advocacy & Dialogue Platforms

The TPSF engages with the government, development partners and other stakeholders through its established Public Private Dialogue Platforms as follows:

  • Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC): This platform brings together 20 members from the public sector and 20 from the private sector to discuss various issues affecting the business environment in the country. The meetings are chaired by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania and co-chaired by the head of the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF);
  • Regional and District Business Councils: RBCs and DBCs are chaired by the Regional Commissioner and District Commissioners respectively with 20/20 equal representation for the Public Sector and Private Sector. Invited guest are allowed to attend.
  • Parliamentary Standing Committees Meeting: The foundation engages with various Parliamentary Standing Committees to discuss sector-specific issues. These include the Budget, Industry and Trade committees;
  • Minister for Finance Platform: The foundation has a platform for engaging the Minister for Finance quarterly. During these meetings issues related to taxation and fiscal policies are discussed for solutions;
  • Trade Facilitation Platform: The foundation is a member of various trade facilitation committees such as the National Monitoring Committee on NTBs, the National Committee on Implementation of the Common Market Protocol, and the National Trade Facilitation Committee;
  • Task Force for Fiscal Reform (TFTR): This platform under the Ministry of Finance discusses various fiscal proposals for enhancing the collection of government revenue while ensuring a favourable environment for doing business; and
  • Regional Forum: The foundation engages with the EAC through the Partner States’ windows in the experts’, permanent secretaries’ and council of ministers’ meetings. It also participates in various bilateral business forums with the other EAC Partner States.