“Attract Investment on Agriculture to spur industrial growth” – TPSF

The Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) has called on the government to implement the Private Sector Development Policy, increase investment attractions, reduce procedures for new investments and improve the access to capital.

TPSF also spoke on the importance of promoting and attracting more investments to agriculture, ending harsh treatment to investors, engaging the private sector in public-private partnership projects and having frequent business talks between the government and the business community. The message was delivered by TPSF chairman Salum Shamte in Dar es Salaam, when Minister of State Prime Minister’s Office Hon. Angellah Kairuki paid an official visit to TPSF.

The Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office (Investment), Ms Angellah Kairuki, promised the business community that the policy implementation would start soon. According to her, the government has prepared a comprehensive action plan to guide the implementation of the document.

After completing the task, her next top priorities would be conducting as many rounds of talks as possible with the private sector. She also pledged to conduct an investment evaluation to know Tanzania has how many investors – local and foreign. The government also plans to establish one-stop investment centres in regions and districts.

The centre will put together all regulatory bodies responsible for investment in local government level to attract more investments in district and regions,” Hon. Angellah Kairuki

“The business community contributes more than 75 per cent of the country’s GDP. If the issues are to be well addressed, the Tanzanian economy will be led by the private sector.” Mr.Salum Shamte

According to him, during its 20 years of operating, TPSF has more than 200 members, with 96 companies in 14 industries, serving more than 5 million Tanzanians.