Businesses seek single voice, speedy implementation of business

bpDar es Salaam. Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) has called on its members to join their forces together in the push to ensure that the government quickly implements its recently adopted blueprint for the improvement of business climate.

The blueprint – which the cabinet adopted recently – was prepared after thorough consultations with various private sector associations and World Bank officials.

It will see the government initiating amendments of various laws including those governing Value Added Tax (VAT), Indicative prices for imports, Immigration and Labour, Social Security and environmental management among others with a view to attracting more and more private sector investment.

Speaking in during a breakfast meeting that brought together members from the private sector in Dar es Salaam on Monday, 09 July 2018, the TPSF executive director Godfrey Simbeye said the blueprint has come at the right time when companies were advocating an improvement in business climate.

The private sector has been advocating reviews and harmonisation of a multitude of what they call counter-productive, multiple, duplicative and costly business policies, laws, regulators, fees, taxes and levies.

“As private sector, we need to remain united by making sure we participate in every meeting relating to Blueprint implementation so that we can push the government to come up with an action plan as soon as possible,” said Mr Simbeye.

He called on the members to start conducting meetings in their sectors and bring their inputs to the TPSF conferences on the matter in question.

He warned that unless they walk together nothing will happen with regard to improvement in business environment.

“Effective implementation of the blueprint will undoubtedly lead to improvement in the competitiveness and attractiveness of Tanzania to domestic and international investors. It will also result into job creation and poverty reduction,” Mr Simbeye said.

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