1. Introduction

Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) is an apex and focal private sector members-based organization, which seeks to promote effective engagement with government and other stakeholders in developing policy and conducive environment for doing business and developing the country. TPSF therefore commands significant influence and credibility both locally and internationally. It boasts a unique position as the government’s partner, which makes her a key player in policy formulation, public private partnership (PPP implementation), coordination of high-level public-private dialogue (PPD’s) platforms and National Budget. TPSF has thus stood tall and bold on many advocacy issues of national and sectoral importance.

2. Main Duties and Responsibility

The Senior Policy Analyst will be responsible to conduct policy and program research, analyse policy, regulations, and administrative data sets, work directly with key partners to support policy implementation, and contribute to the design and preparation of technical assistance and related policy briefs.

  • Responsible for developing and coordinating the implementation of TPSF policy analysis and research in the area of business regulatory environment and compliance in line with TPSF members’ information needs and Departmental strategic plans.
  • Monitor and analyse the implementation of regional and national laws and legislation as related to growth in trade and investments as well as the general business environment and reports that convey in concise terms the impact both positive and negative of policy and legislative proposals.
  • Lead in the formulation of policy briefs and preparation of position papers, either directly (where initial studies are not required) or working with selected consultants where applicable.
  • Responsible for research, production quarterly updating of a compendium on the state of Tanzania Business Environment.
  • Responsible for developing, updating and maintaining a TPSF database on business environment-related policy research.
  • Undertaking regular members’ information needs and gap analysis on key business environment and competitiveness policy issues affecting them to enable the development of policy response and solutions.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with local and international research and information organizations and bodies.
  • Initiate and conduct Private –to Private meetings on issues related to Trade Facilitation.
  • Preparing research project concept notes and proposals.
  • To undertake any other tasks as required and commensurate with the level of this role.

3. Required Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized University in Economics, International Trade, Business Administration and or policy or any other relevant field of studies.
  • A minimum of 7 years of work experience of which 4 years experience in policy dialogue, research, or policy analysis.
  • Experience in policy dialogue for Business Membership Organizations and knowledge of the private sector and regional integration would be critical assets.
  • Requisite skills to organize Public-Private Dialogues. Ability to speak and write clearly and persuasively in a compelling manner.
  • Ability to work in a multinational environment with diverse groups of stakeholders.
  • A sound conceptual understanding of private sector organizations and private sector development in Tanzania is essential.
  • Excellent team player with great interpersonal skills
  • Good communication, presentation and writing skills and Excellent facilitation skills
  • Able to interact with officials at the highest levels of government, civil society, international organizations and the private sector
  • Experience working with/for the private sector, policy think tanks, or international organizations.
  • Experience in managing consultancy contracts (including the development of proposals and Terms of references).
  • Good understanding of economic development factors in relation to private sector development.

4. Application instructions;

Interested candidates should submit a Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae before Friday 5th August 2022 at 16:30pm.

All applications should be sent to recruitment@tpsf.or.tz