Euphoria! Tanzanian Pulses Export Ban To Be Lifted

SEMBEYENew Delhi, India – The Tanzania Private Sector Foundation TPSF recently persuaded the government of India to lift ban on the importation of Tanzanian Pulses. As part of the delegation escorting Industry, Trade and Investment Minister Charles Mwijage, TPSF executive Director Mr. Godfrey Simbeye brought the matter to attention at the Joint Trade Committee (JTC) between India and Tanzania.

The Joint Trade Committee is a bilateral platform for trade between India and Tanzania on trade. Cooperation between the two countries cuts across numerous sectors from agriculture, medicine and pharmaceuticals to ICT. In the past JTC were conducted between Tanzanian & Indian Government Ministries and agencies of the two countries, as of recent the JTC has seen the importance of involving the Private Sector in these high level discussions.

Speaking at the JTC in India TPSF   Executive Director Mr. Godfrey Simbeye called for the lifting of export  ban of Tanzanian pallets. “I urge the Indian government to consider the opening its markets for Tanzanian pulses which have provided consistent and high quality supply of the produce”, he said.

Following the recent ban of importation of pulses from foreign producers, the move had proved detrimental to domestic prices in Tanzania who were in surplus. Speaking at a press conference shortly after the return Min. Charles Mwijage said the ban had adversely affected the market for Tanzanian produced peas, with the prices collapsing to 200/- from the usual 2,000/- per kilogram due to high supply and low demand. Tanzanian producers had largely relied on the Indian market for their produce.

“Tanzanian growers and traders had initially blamed the government on the collapse of peas market and prices … but, thankfully, they attended the Joint Trade Committee in India to negotiate the business deal with their counterparts,” he said. ” Now Tanzanian farmers can once again enjoy spoils they were accustomed to” the Minister wound up.

In 2015, Tanzania exported 150.6 tonnes, which increased to 283 tonnes, last year. All indications show that produce is on the rise with more and more farmers laying seeds.


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