High-Level Dialogue Platforms

TPSF uses high-level platforms to represent the Private Sector’s interests, render recommendations and consultations with the government.

Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC)

Members from private sector and public sector meet once in a year to discuss issues affecting business and to seek for possible solutions.

Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC) Chaired by H.E President of the URT and scheduled to meet twice a year. TNBC  Executive Committee is Chaired by Chief Secretary and Co-Chaired By TPSF Chair and meets 4 times annually.

  • Implement Resolutions
  • Agenda are set by TPSF
  • 40 Members (20 Cabinet Ministers, 20 Key sectors represented)

Other High-Level Platforms & Committees 

  • Regional and District Business Councils (RBCs & DBCs) Chaired by Regional Commissioners and District Commissioners at regional and district levels respectively.
  • Prime Minister’s Quarterly Round Table
  • Ministerial Dialogues with Ministry of Investment, Ministry of Industries & Trade, and Ministry of Finance & Planning.
  • Parliamentary forums (standing & select committees, public hearings on bill supplements, budget, economic affairs, industry and trade)
  • Submit recommendations and coordinate participation of the Private Sector  in the Task Force on Fiscal Reforms.
  • Represent/Dialogue at the Think Tank meeting chaired by Minister for Finance and Planning.
  • Bilateral Business Forum
  • Tripartite Negotiations – EAC, SADC and COMESA
  • EAC Secretary General Forum
  • National Trade Facilitation Committee