Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) is an apex and focal private sector member-based organization, which seeks to promote effective engagement with government and other stakeholders in developing policy and a conducive environment for doing business and developing the country. TPSF, therefore, commands significant influence and credibility both locally and internationally.  It boasts a unique position as the government’s partner, which makes her a key player in policy formulation, public-private partnership (PPP implementation), coordination of high-level public-private dialogue (PPD’s) platforms, and National Budget. TPSF has thus stood tall and bold on many advocacy issues of national and sectoral importance.

  1. JOB AIM: To supervise and coordinate policy and planning, review analysis to support evidence based advocacy while building relationships with private sector stakeholders to ensure that their issues and concerns are addressed and reflected in the national private sector policy agenda.

To have an effective  engagement with the government and other interested stakeholders in formulating and implementing pro-growth policies that promote Tanzania’s competitiveness; encourage domestic and foreign investment and pursue regional and international economic cooperation and opportunities, while folstening Human Capital Development focus and delivery.

  1. COMPETENCE REQUIRED (Education, Experience and Skills required)
  2. Post graduate degree in Economics, Business Administration, Finance, Law, International Trade, or other related fields.
  3. Minimum of five years’ experience at management level with at least three  in policy analysis roles
  4. Demonstrated capacity in policy analysis, advocacy, research, and lobbying
  5. A clear understanding of economic development issues in Tanzania and an appreciation of the challenges of private sector development.
  6. Ability to build and maintain relationships with partner agencies and key contacts in government.
  7. Develop an effective advocacy strategy to follow up on the effective implementation of government policies, plans and budgets.
  8. Help to keep TPSF members abreast of key national and international policy initiatives (campaigns, issues, reports) in key themes.
  9. Identify gaps and needs assessment of the policy formulation and reviews process. And advocate for the development of guidelines on policy formulation.
  10. Conduct consultative forums and meetings with relevant Ministry Department Agencies (MDAs) on sectoral Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) arrangements.
  11. Support the communications team in ensuring a regular presence in the media
  12. Coordinate preparation for private sector participation in Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC) and serve as its spokesperson during National consultation.
  13. Fee earning Activities
  14. Contribute to team effort by accomplishing desired results on fee-earning activities assigned.
  15. Any other duty that may be assigned from time to time by the Executive Director
  16. Preparation and implementation of Departmental Annual Business Plan.
  17. Percentage of the implementation of Advocacy strategy/issues resolved.
  18. The extent of capacity building to Private Sector Organizations (PSOs) on advocacy activities and a number of weak sectoral business associations supported in Advocacy work.
  19. The extent of Private sector participation in policy law development/ processes (Number of policies/Laws developed with the involvement of private sector)
  20. The number of new partnerships established for advocacy.
  21. Reports/concept notes/Research paper  for well-analyzed researched issues for reform purposes  and dialogue process;
  22. A number of Developed project proposals for funding of advocacy work within the agreed time frame.
  23. Number Developed and implemented outreach programs within the agreed time frame
  24. Quarterly TPSF flagship report is produced and published.




The Director of Finance should be an experienced accounting and financial management expert and should be familiar with the relevant accounting and finance policies of the Government of Tanzania as well as donor policies and procedures relating to financial management and disbursements.  It is expected  that the Director should have the following attributes:-

  • Five (5) years’ experience working on donor-funded projects.
  • Must have worked for reputable Non-governmental Organisations (NGO’s) and/or with Donor  Funded projects (DFP) for 5 years or more.
  • Possess an accounting professional qualification such as ACCA, CPA etc.
  • Master’s Degree in Accounting, Business and Finance or equivalent (added advantage)
  • At least five years working experience in finance, accounts, audit or related field.
  • Knowledge of accounting software packages and computer literacy especially MS Excel
  • Strong planning, organization and time management skills and ability to manage multiple tasks;
  • Strong analytical capabilities and proven skills to deal with Financial Management issues innovatively and independently;
  • Capacity to be a member of a multi-disciplinary team, to provide advice and recommend actions;
  • Proficient in preparing and presenting reports
  • Proficiency in communication orally and written English and Swahili and
  • Has good interpersonal skills and leadership experience.

The Finance Director shall be responsible for all Financial Management aspects of the foundation and without prejudice, the position will be responsible for preparing, reviewing the TPSF’s Financial Management Projects Accounts reports and financial forecasts. Detailed responsibilities shall include:-

  • Through his Finance and Accounting team, maintain clear and up-to-date books of accounts that meet internationally accepted accounting principles and financial reporting standards.
  • Provide overall support in establishing a proper internal control system to achieve accountability at all levels and assurance and that project funds are used for intended purposes with due consideration while observing integrity, efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Train and provide technical support to the Secretariat and Project Coordinators and Finance staff in fine-tuning their Financial Management systems for proper internal control systems and generation of the required financial reports.
  • Regularly advise the Executive Director on financial issues through periodic reports and consultations and alert against any irregularity, lack of compliance, lack of adherence and problems whether actual or potential concerning the financial systems, operations, plans,  accounting, audits, budgets and any other matter of a financial nature.
  • Facilitate all financial review of the utilization of the funds and accounts by the Internal Auditor(s), External Auditors, Financiers and other donors’ supervision missions and provide support on audit matters as directed by the Project Coordinators and donors from time to time.
  • Maintain a working relationship and develop additional relationships with banks and financial institutions with the aim of securing the funds necessary for the operations of the organization, the attainment of its development plans and its investments.
  • Evaluate financial trends and when necessary, recommend courses of action to correct budget imbalances.
  • Act as a custodian of all TPSF’s Assets, both fixed and current.
  • Perform any other duties and tasks as may be assigned by the Executive Director.
  • Preparation and implementation of Departmental Annual Business Plan




JOB AIM: The purpose of the position is to provide overall leadership to the directorate in terms of long term strategic visioning that will attract relevant enterprise development programs and projects as part of TPSF’s institutional/financial sustainability and private sector development strategy.

  • A graduate degree in Business Management, Economics, Finance or other relevant discipline. (Post-graduate credentials will be added advantage)
  • A post graduate degree in Project Management, Entrepreneurial Studies, Marketing or Business Development.
  • The candidate must have a minimum of ten years of relevant experience including in the NGO’s. 
  • Experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of enterprise development programs.
  • A sound conceptual understanding of private sector organizations and private sector development in Tanzania is essential.
  • Ability to follow through a project timeline and a character of being a complete start - finisher
  • Excellent team player with great interpersonal skills
  • Good communication, presentation and writing skills and Excellent facilitation skills
  • Able to interact with officials at the highest levels of government, civil society, international organizations and the private sector
  • Computer literate especially in Project Management Software.
  • Excellent analytical, communication and influencing skills
  • Fluent in English and in Kiswahili
  • Good knowledge of how to use computer is essential especially  Project Planning Software like Ms Project, Ms Excel etc.
  • Program Management
  • Provide leadership to all existing and upcoming programs and projects in terms of resources including human resource, financial, and other resources.
  • Identify new projects/programs for TPSF, and take the lead in proposal writing and any other programs related to programs fund raising activities
  • Oversee the implementation of all projects/programs within TPSF and monitor closely budgets and work-plans including maintaining and tracking the Monitoring Framework and Result Chain. At all times ensure the projects/programs are on course and consistent with the agreed terms.
  • Ensure and maintain quality assurance and facilitate effective project monitoring and evaluation for all projects.
  • Prepare appropriate reporting format for Program Management progress to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Enterprise Development
  • Design and develop a Capacity Building Program to deliver governance, strategic planning, financial management, and human resource management training to boards, management and staff for groups, associations and cooperatives in different sectors, as income generating activity.
  • Maintain effective coordination with Ministry Department Agencies (MDAs) and other government organs responsible for the implementation of the relevant empowerment project and at all times articulate the position of TPSF in a clear and concise manner.
  • Lead the selection, assessment, training and business planning for the MSMEs in coordination with the Executive Director to be included in any Development Partners (DPs) funded project/program
  • Other assigned tasks by Executive director.
  • Generate Incomes for TPSF through programs as per annual business plan.
  • Public image and branding
  • Physically and regular visits to stakeholders and ensure stakeholders’ continued interest and satisfaction with TPSF’s role, goals and functions and create intrinsic value in your visits.
  • Continuously suggest creative/innovative methods for effectively branding TPSF
  • Accounting and budget management and administration
  • Preparation of annual financial plan and budget for the directorate, plus progress tracker.
  • Make recommendations on the measures for improving operations of TPSF.

This position is key to TPSF with a key role of ensuring Institutional and financial sustainability through development of new projects and programs. The incumbent drives the business development process for the Directorate and collaborates closely with other departments (Finance, Advocacy, Policy and Human Resources) to ensure effective bid development. In particular, the following specific KPI's are expected to be achieved: -

  • A market-informed enterprise business development plan that guides opportunity targeting, positioning, capture and proposal preparation for different economic sectors in Tanzania as approved by the Management and Board.
  • Well-managed and closely supervised new projects and programs as to the satisfaction of the Management, Board and Development Partners.
  • Competitive and, ultimately successful, three (3) proposals per annum are implemented.
  • Achievement of the set targets for the Key Performance indicators as they may be set by management.




Develop, implement and sustain processes, systems and structures that will foster Human Capital Development and sustainability within TPSF.


Suitable candidates should hold the following qualifications and key competencies: -

  • A Master’s degree in Human Resources Management, Labour Law, Business Administration, Psychology or related fields; (or equivalent qualifications)
  • Minimum of 10 years of work experience in Human Resources Management and/or Development;
  • Experience or exposure to development partners is desirable; (and or NGO).
  • Experience with the implementation of performance appraisal systems;
  • Strong analytical skills, including legal analysis;
  • Ability to work in a multicultural context;
  • Experience in Tanzania is desirable;
  • Excellent command of spoken/written English and Kiswahili.
  • Enhances the organization's human resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices.
  • Maintains the work structure by updating job requirements and job descriptions for all positions.
  • Support organization staff by establishing a recruiting, testing, and interviewing program; counseling managers on candidate selection; conducting and analyzing exit interviews; and recommending changes.
  • Prepare employees for assignments by establishing and conducting orientation and training programs.
  • Manages a pay plan by conducting periodic pay surveys; scheduling and conducting job evaluations; preparing pay budgets; monitoring and scheduling individual pay actions; and recommending, planning, and implementing pay structure revisions.
  • Ensure planning, monitoring, and appraisal of employee work results by training managers to coach and discipline employees; scheduling management conferences with employees; hearing and resolving employee grievances; and counseling employees and supervisors.
  • Implement employee benefit programs and inform employees of benefits by studying and assessing benefit needs and trends; recommending benefit programs to management; directing the processing of benefit claims; obtaining and evaluating benefit contract bids; awarding benefit contracts; designing and conducting educational programs on benefit programs.
  • Ensures legal compliance by monitoring and implementing applicable human resource country requirements, conducting investigations, maintaining records, and representing the organization at hearings.
  • Enforce management guidelines by preparing, updating, and recommending human resource policies and procedures.
  • Retain historical human resource records by designing a filing and retrieval system and keeping past and current records.
  • Cultivate professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications, establishing personal networks, and participating in professional societies.
  • Complete human resource operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees and following up on work results.
  • Manage human resource staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.
  • Advance human resource staff job results by counseling and disciplining employees; and planning, monitoring, and appraising job results.
  • Contribute to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
  • Prepare and implement the departmental annual business plan.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources or related business field.
  • Demonstrated ability to improve employee morale.
  • Proven working experience as HR Manager or other HR Executive with 5+ years' experience in a human resources supervisory position.
  • People-oriented and results-driven
  • Demonstrable experience with Human Resources metrics
  • Knowledge of HR systems and databases
  • Ability to architect strategy along with leadership skills
  • Excellent active listening, negotiation and presentation skills
  • Competence to build and effectively manage interpersonal relationships at all levels of the company
  • The Human Resource Manager will be working under the overall supervision of TPSF Executive Director
  • The Human Resource Manager works under the obligation of confidentiality. HRM has access to  Information, data, database, knowledge resources in the forms of briefings, reports, proceedings, articles, essays, etc. that has to be kept and managed with the utmost care and privacy.

All applications should be addressed and submitted to the following email address before or on 15th March, 2021

Executive Director

Tanzania Private Sector Foundation

1288 Mwaya Road, Msasani Peninsula

P. O. Box 11313