Covid-19 Economic Impact Assessment Survey – Tanzania


The COVID-19 outbreak which started in China, has so far been reported in more than 194 countries worldwide. Among them, more than 43 countries are in Africa. In response to the situation, governments all over the world have rolled out drastic preventive and control measures which include providing information on prevention and control, supplying personal protective equipment and supplies, enhancing health services, closing country borders, instituting partial or total lockdown, major airlines suspending operations, travel bans have also been placed to certain infected countries, ordering screening, testing and possibly imposing temporary quarantine to travelers arriving from countries with infections, etc.

On Monday March 16th, 2020, The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania reported her first case of COVID-19 in Tanzania Mainland. Since then, there have been updates, initiatives, directives and measures from the Government and its responsible authorities in response to the outbreak.

Considering these sensitive developments, TPSF would like to undertake a quick dipstick survey to establish the impact of COVID-19 Outbreak to the businesses and economic activities in our area, including financial losses, drop of profitability ratios, lost business opportunities, decline and/or lack of growth in economic sectors in Tanzania. This study of Economic Impact of the pandemic to the Private Sector stakeholders in Tanzania will assist TPSF in advocating for more support from key decision makers such as Government, Financial Institutions, service providers, development partners etc.

Your feedback is important for us to raise Private Sector concerns to the relevant Government Authorities and stakeholders in efforts to seek ways to alleviate effects of COVID-19 outbreak to the people and economy. We appreciate receiving your candid response by 31st of March, 2020.


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