Matching Grants

The Matching Grants Programme (MGP) ran from 2008 to 2011 and consisted of two matching grant schemes, the Tanzania Business Development Scheme (TBDS) and the Technical Innovation Applied Research Scheme (TIAS), both managed under a single management contract housed in TPSF.

a)     TBDS was aimed at improving the competitiveness of private firms within Tanzania, both in export markets and also in domestic markets. It provided standard 50% cost-sharing grants to private firms, for the use of outside services & travel, within a properly-formulated business development plan, aimed at improving competitiveness, and thus boosting sales.


– Cost Sharing Grant; Grants amounting to USD 5.5 Million were awarded to different 910 companies.
– 75% completed staff training programmes
– 69% of companies have already increased sales
– 56% predicted increase of on current turnover
– 42%  opened new markets
– 39% achieved new export sales
– 32% equipped with new promotional techniques of which
– 9% New web based promotion
– 23% developed new or adapted existing products
– 7%  increased employment
– 5%  received Quality Certification
– 5% achieved increased access to finance
– 4% put new packaging in place.

100% of companies supported now have a business plan or at least a planned approach to business development
b)    TIAS is aimed at developing the marketplace for paid-for services provided by technical institutions & vocational schools.  The main service considered in this scheme is training courses, primarily technical, sold either to individuals or to private firms.


24 Technical Training Institutions started negotiations with TIAS, 14 completed feasibility studies and 9 different technical institutions registered under NACTE providing technical and entrepreneurial studies were awarded grants amounting to more than USD 10.3 million to improve the capacity of the institutions through provision of equipments and trainings to boost the productivity and competitiveness of the private sector.
50 New Degree and Diploma Courses were created
9,240 Student Intake (3 yrs)

The following are the schools benefiting from full TIAS rant support:

– Dar es Salaam Maritime Institute
– College of Business Education
– Institute of Tax Administration
– Zanzibar Institute of Financial Administration
– Mbeya Institute of Science and Technology
– University Computing Center Limited
– College of Engineering and Technology
– Dar es salaam Institute of Technology
– National Institute of Transport

TPSF will be examining the possibility of re-instituting a matching grant programme under negotiations currently underway with donors and other stakeholders. This would be within a holistic approach to the development of the vibrant SME sector within the Private Sector now recognised universally as the engine of growth.