Membership Categories

TPSF Membership

This is open to only private corporate bodies engaged in legally accepted private sector activities. So far, we are having sixty one (61) corporate members in this category.

The criteria for corporate membership include:

  1. Incorporation
    • Be incorporated and doing lawful business in Tanzania.
  2. Domicile, geographical and sectoral spread of business interest
    • Be a legally registered company, subsidiary, group member, or local franchisee of a reputable foreign multinational.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Demonstrated Corporate Social Responsibility activities is desirable

This category is open to only business associations, professional associations and service based associations, so far we have one hundred and seventy two (172) Ordinary members. The criteria for Ordinary membership include:

  1. Must be a Business Association incorporated in Tanzania.
  2. Membership strength ( e.g. financial base, number of members , reputation e.t.c
  3. Period of operation not less than three (3) months or upon discretion of TPSF.
  4. Must be meeting minimum governance standards and providing its Board endorsement to join TPSF.
  5. Must have physical location and postal address

This category is open to private sector business support organizations and to the Government agencies providing specialized services to businesses and support the TPSF objectives. So far we have thirteen (13) Associate members.The criteria for Associate membership include:

  1. Must be registered or incorporated in Tanzania.
  2. Public agency that supports private sector growth and TPSF objectives.
  3. NGO organisations that support private sector development as well as TPSF objectives
  4. Most of its activities are geared towards development of the private enterprises