Presentation on the Achievements and Challenges of the Private Sector in Participating in Strategic Projects

Dear Esteemed TPSF members,


We are pleased to inform you that in line with the implementation of the local content agenda, the National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC) has requested TPSF to provide a Consolidated Report on the Achievements and Challenges of the Private Sector participation in Strategic Projects.

TPSF Secretariat plans to hand over the Consolidated Report covering all economic sectors. With this in mind, TPSF is therefore requesting her members to provide detailed information on the above-named subject. The information provided should be supported by examples where necessary.

TPSF will be pleased to receive the recommendations latest 14th August 2020. All issues should be submitted to TPSF through email and

TPSF, being the Umbrella Organisation for the entire Private Sector in Tanzania, will continue to effectively represent Private Sector in such major initiatives with the aim of ensuring that the opinions and interests of Private Sector are considered by the Government for enhanced Private Sector Inclusion.

Your timely submission of inputs from your respective clusters and sectors will be highly appreciated as it directly contributes to the success of TPSF in fulfilling its mandated role.

Kind Regards.


Zachy Mbenna

Ag. Executive Director