Private Sector Anti-Poaching Initiative (PSAPI)


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Poaching in Tanzania has reached crisis levels. The national elephant census conducted late in 2014 estimates that Tanzania has only 43,330 elephants remaining from the 2009 population of 109,051. Psapi picture1

This represents a loss of 65,721 elephants in 5 years (a 60.3 percent decline nationally). If poaching continues at the current rate it is inevitable that iconic species such as elephant and rhino will become extinct within a relatively short period of time. This would be catastrophic.
The Tanzania Private Sector Foundation is committed to battling poaching and the trafficking aims to 1. To represent the private sector in discourses with the GoT and international agencies. 2. An inclusive stakeholder platform to share information, experiences. 3. Facilitate private sector entities to develop commercial services that support anti-poaching objectives.


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“ Wildlife, in particularPsapi Picture2 iconic species such as elephant , rhino, lion , cheetah and leopard are a key aspect of Tanzania’s national identity and form the foundation of the tourism sector. Poaching is rampant, tarnishing our nations image internationally and threatening the sustainability of this crucial pillar of our economy. TPSF calls upon all Tanzanian businesses to take a stand against poaching and to work with PSAPI to battle to save our treasured natural wealth. “