As Tanzania Private Sector Day approaches, business leaders, executives, and stakeholders around the country are gearing up. Business leaders met with TPSF chairperson, Ms. Angelina Ngalula, and expressed their wish to be a part of this historic event that will highlight private sector achievements 2021-2022. The chairperson provided an update on the status of the preparations for the event.

Among those She met this week included, AFRICAB Chairman Mr. Ali Ezzi together with Mr. Yusuf Ezzi, Mr. Mansoormoiz Kadirbhai, and CEO Ms. Kunjal Gina. They discussed a variety of issues that will enhance the private sector's contribution to the economy, such as the inclusion of various business communities and expanding private sector contribution in other sectors of the economy. They noted the milestones and accomplishments made by the private sector under the leadership of H.E Samia Suluhu Hassan, President of the United Republic of Tanzania

The Chairperson accompanies by Mr. Octavian Mshiu TPSF Board director also had meeting with Mr. Ghalib Mohammed, President of GSM Group, a Tanzanian conglomerate active in logistics, trading, manufacturing, retail, and sports. Mr. Ghalib commended the chairperson for her leadership and tenacity in campaigning for Tanzania's favorable business and investment climate and asked TPSF to ensure local content policies are implemented in accordance with the legislation in order to empower more local investors. Mr. Ghalib is scheduled to speak at the Tanzania Private Sector Day.

Ms. Ngalula also met with other stakeholders, including the Tanzania Women's Chamber of Commerce (TWCC) led by Ms. Mercy Sila. TWCC has pledged to invite over 100 women to the event. In addition, she welcomed musicians Ommy Dimpoz, Hon. Hamis Mwinjuma(MP) (Mwana FA) representing the music industry to feel part of the private sector. She noted the significant contribution that the Tanzania Music Industry has to the economy.

Tanzania Private Sector Day (TPSD) is a flagship multi-sector event organized by the Tanzania Private sector Foundation (TPSF) in collaboration with key private sector organizations and the Ministry of Investment, Industry & Trade to honor and recognize the contribution of the Private Sector to the country’s economy. In addition, it will provide a forum for business leaders to express their gratitude to H.E. Samia Suluhu Hassan for her role in creating an enabling environment for the private sector to flourish. TPSD gala dinner is scheduled to take place on 2nd Dec 2022, at the Super Dome Area, Masaki, Dar Es Salaam. It will bring together 1000 CEOs, executives, Captains of Industries, ministers and Ambassadors, ministers and Permanent secretaries.

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