Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) is an apex organization and private sector focal point formally incorporated in November 4, 1998 as a company limited guarantee under the Companies Act (Cap 212). The Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) is the voice of the private sector and the umbrella body for private sector associations and corporate bodies in all sectors of the economy, including trade associations. The overarching goal of TPSF is to promote private sector-led social and economic development in Tanzania through advocating for private sector friendly policies, legislation and regulatory and legal frameworks.


TPSF is a key partner to the government and other stakeholders in the formulation and implementation of policies and strategies geared towards spurring economic growth, wealth creation and national development. To carry out its mandate TPSF organizes PPDs, business forums and events that bring together private sector stake holders, government, development partners and other key players of private sector development.   

Organizing Forums & Events shall always be matched with those of the strategic objectives of the Foundation and further creating the platform to accomplish mission and vision of TPSF. The events shall also in addition consider the following

  • Relieve the organization from costs of holding events by creatively design the events that will market the organization and display true value through,
  • Provide opportunity for networking
  • Build business relationships,
  • Create platforms for resolutions – policy, law issues, social economy and environment issues
  • Create platforms to celebrate Achievement.

TPSF will benefit from these events as or through

  • Increased visibility
  • Attracting new members
  • Provide services to members for membership value and retention


TPSF is looking for an Event Management Consultant, who will closely work with the TPSF Management in collaboration with TPSF Board of Directors to lead the process of Management of TPSF Events and Forums for the period of 2022-2023.

3.1 Specific Objectives;

To work with TPSF secretariat as a lead coordinator and organizer of TPSF PPD’s, Business Forums and Events as per TPSF events and forums calendar.


The successful Event consultant will have responsibility for the designing, planning, preparation and management of TPSF Events & Forums and related any other related activities to hosting a successful and professional forums and events. Working closely with TPSF, the Consultant will identify suitable service providers, as needed, and liaise with these service providers regarding venue, risk assessment, PR and Communication, Fundraising and other related arrangements. the Consultant will oversee the invitation and registration process and coordinate all logistics. Detailed Specifications for the services and tasks/deliverables being requested under this assignment include: -

Planning, coordinating and organizing events.

  • Review and recommend TPSF proposed or planned events annually
  • Propose/Recommend events that will increases TPSF visibility, Sustainability and add value to members
  • Work with TPSF team to develop event/forum concept and program and present final draft of the concept for approval.
  • Preparation of event budget together with TPSF team and budget management.
  • Propose service providers and act as a liaison of event service providers by ensuring quality of services including, venue, entertainment, catering, printing materials, event facilitator and media coverage.


  • Develop fundraising strategies for each event
  • Develop list of potential sponsors of the event, preparation of sponsorship packages and list of benefits.
  • Sell event program to sponsors, compile list of confirmed sponsorships and follow up on credited amounts with TPSF finance team.
  • Ensure all agreed sponsors benefits are met at the event, this includes the overall visibility of sponsors logo, banner, booth, sponsor speech in the program and as per agreed terms and conditions of sponsorship.

Recommending, booking and securing of venue.

  • Consultant will be responsible to recommend venue suitable for the event considering the number of delegates, type of event and location.
  • Ensure venue has necessary facilities to smoothy run the event i.e availability of network connectivity, presentation facilities, media setups and the like.
  • Work with TPSF team to evaluate quotations of venue, selection and securing of venue.

Preparation and coordination of delegates invitation.

  • Work with TPSF team to establish list of delegates to be invited, design invitation email/letter/card, send and follow up on the invited delegates and confirmation of attendance.
  • Organize online and physical registration of participants, print badges/ cards for participants.
  • Organize sitting arrangements of delegates in the venue, setup event programs and other documents.

Management of media coverage.

  • Propose and invitation of media houses such as TV, Radio, newspaper, E- media etc.
  • Ensure media coverage as per agreed terms and conditions.
  • Preparation of documentary as required and pre-event advertisements.


(The Consultant should be a firm)

  • Should demonstrate a thorough track record of not less than 5 years of corporate event management.
  • Technical expertise in the event management, fundraising, marketing, branding and related.
  • Proven familiarity and practical experience with event planning for PSO’s,
  • Creative thinking, drive for results and strong commitment.
  • Must be able to guide the team while planning for event. 
  • Excellent verbal/written ability in delivering high profile reports/presentations at all levels.
  • Demonstrate Experience in engaging with Government, Donors, Foreign Investors, Business community including Corporate, Medium and Small companies.


  • Detailed event work plan to be prepared 30 days before the event.
  • Successfully organized event/forum.
  • Post event report, detailing lesson learned, suggestions for future events, and post follow up recommendations and feedback from participants.
  • Final assignment report.


Interested and qualified candidates should submit their applications which should include the following:

  1. Consulting firm profile.
  2. Proof of experience of business/corporate event management.
  3. Proof of staff with good CVs to organize event.

Application should be emailed to lilian.ndossi@tpsf.ot.rz and sarah.mtelele@tpsf.or.tz to reach us not later than 20th April 2022.