1. Background

Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) under the support from Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA) developed a portal to support growth of the freight and logistics sector in Tanzania through designing, developing, deploying, maintaining and supporting an online web- based portal for information and networking for players in the sector and those seeking services rendered by private sector actors in the sector.

The National Freight and Logistics Information portal (NFLP) was initiated under auspices of the National Freights and Logistics Platform that was established and launched in November 2016. NFLIP aims to boost access and availability of information and related services to stakeholders providing services and those in need of Freight and logistics services. It links the stakeholders in the logistics supply chain end-to-end from road, rail, water and air channels. The Portal acts as a one-stop center for logistics players to access information and network Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customer linkages.

2. Rationale

Since the official launch in 2019, the portal has been operating in Tanzania where it simplifies transactions under the logistics sector by bringing together key stakeholders from the sector. However, due to the current changes in the business environment particularly in the Freight and Logistics Sector and other inter-related fields such as trade and commerce, transportation, banking and financial sector, science and technology etc. With these changes there is increased demand to have an efficient portal to support such developments in the transport and logistics sectors as well as other sectors.

It is therefore high time that we conduct an in- depth review of the system, to be followed up by an upgrading process to the portal to accommodate all necessary elements to match with the current business environment and the needs of the stakeholders which varies from time to time due to technological changes and The review and upgrading of the portal will involve reviewing user needs, existing gaps and upgrading for commercialization so that it can generate income that can be used to finance and maintain the portal for its sustainability beyond TMEA’s support. It is worth noting that, since its launch, the portal has not been able to generate revenue (financial gain) to TPSF as the host. This review is expected, among other things, to address this technical shortfall.

3. Objectives

The main objectives of this consultancy including conducting and in-depth review of the portal, upgrading and operating and commercialization of the portal for its sustainability.

Specifically, the intervention expected to;

1. To review the existing NFLIP portal in all its aspects (layout, content, composition, activities etc.) by engaging with the current stakeholders in order to understand their needs and establish whether the portal is facilitating/simplifying operations by addressing specific needs of all stakeholders while meeting expectations under the freight, transport and logistics sector.

2. Put forward recommendations to address the gaps to fulfil stakeholders needs.

3. Prepare the marketing plan and its respective strategy for the portal commercialization

4. Upgrade the portal by implementing/installing recommended upgrades

5. Re-launch, Promote, Operate and Manage the portal profitably (Commercialization)

4. Scope and Approach In achieving the above objectives, the consultant will be required to undertake the following tasks i. The consultant shall comprehensively review the existing NFLIP portal by engaging with current stakeholders of the portal and from the Freight, Transport and Logistics Sector to understand their needs and if the portal is facilitating their needs and, ii. Put forward recommendations to address the conceptual, technical and operational gaps (qualitative and quantitative) in fulfilling the core objectives of the portal and meeting or exceeding stakeholder’s needs. iii. Prepare a marketing plan and strategy for the portal iv. Upgrade the portal v. Launch, Promote, Operate and Manage the portal profitably (Commercialization)

5. Deliverables i. A Comprehensive Assessment Report of the in-depth review of the existing portal with recommendations on key areas for improvements (answering the “What” and “How” questions) ii. A document highlighting key areas to upgrade the portal including; stakeholder mapping, key features to add 2iii. Detailed Marketing Plan and strategy for the Portal and iv. Progressive Recruitment of at least 300 Stakeholders to the Portal (Service Providers and Beneficiaries) v. NFLIP commercialization (successful)

6. Resources This assignment to be implemented by a competitively selected consultant/firm (a potential service provider will be selected based on the merits and record of previous performance in the same field/assignment) and covered as per budget proposed in the TPSF’s Fixed Amount Award.

7. Qualifications The consultant should have the following experience, skills and expertise:

• Extensive experience of not less than five (5) projects in developing Business portals/ ECommerce Platforms or Business Interactive systems

• Graduate qualifications in either of the following disciplines or its equivalent: Information Technology, System Developing courses or any other related field

• An experience in engagement with private sector would be an added advantage

• Done similar assignments

• Possession of knowledge and understanding of the logistics sector and Private sector at large.

8. Duration The assignment will take a maximum of 20 working days from the date of singing of contract.

9. DEADLINE and address to deliver Proposals must be in hard copy or submitted by email in PDF format to the address below not later than Friday, 13th May 2022 at 16.00hrs and must be specifically marked Proposals to review, upgrade, operate/manage and commercialize the national freight and logistics information portal (NFLIP). Attn: The Procurement Officer, Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), Plot No. 1288 Mwaya Road, Msasani Peninsula, P.O. Box 11313 Dar es Salaam. Tel: +255 22 2601913/1938/2751 Email: procurement@tpsf.or.tz; cc to ezekiel.linhege@tpsf.or.tz