“The Review of the National Investment Promotion Policy of 1996” Nation-Wide Call for Inputs

The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania through the Prime Minister’s Office (Policy, Coordination and Investment) is undertaking the

review of the National Investment Promotion Policy (NIPP) of 1996. This policy was formulated as part of the Government efforts in addressing the challenges facing the country in meeting its socio-economic aspirations given the resources and other intangible advantages that Tanzania enjoys. In addition, the review has been necessitated by various business and investment changes in the global, regional and national spheres since its inception in 1996. Moreover, the review will among others, form the basis for the formulation of the new National Investment Policy and its Implementation Strategy so as to align with and accelerate the realization of the aspiration of Tanzania Development Vision 2025 and optimizing the opportunities arising from the attainment of the middle-income economy status.

Additionally, the Policy review process is embracing the principles of transparency, inclusiveness and consultation with all nationwide stakeholders. In that regard, the Government is hereby inviting the general public to submit their views, opinions and recommendations to foster the review process. The inputs provided will be treated with complete confidentiality and confined to this process only.

Inputs are invited, but not limited to the core areas identified here under:

    1. Effective utilization of national endowment
    2. Mobilization of domestic and international financing for investments
    3. Provision of enabling physical infrastructure (Water, Electricity, Energy, etc)
    4. Improvement of export competitiveness
    5. Institutional framework to support investment development
    6. Land acquisition and ownership for investment
    7. Regulatory Framework including licensing, permits and approval processes for investment
    8. Human capital development
    9. Technological advancement and adoption
    10. Investment incentives
    11. Legal and Institutional Framework for investment
    12. Bilateral and Multilateral Investment Agreements and Treaties
    13. Investment Disputes Settlement

Kindly submit your inputs to Email: investmentpolicy@pmo.go.tz or Postal Address: Permanent Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office, (Policy, Coordination and Investment), P.O BOX 980, Government City, Mtumba, DODOMA not later than 20th September, 2019.