Business support to Members

TPSF plays an active role participating in local and international business forums and trade fairs.

For TPSF members, this element of activity provides an excellent opportunity to connect with potential partners (both locally and internationally) and identify windows for company growth and development. Such forums allow for companies to share ideas and build connections with others that they might not ordinarily be exposed to and helps TPSF members to widen their network.
As well as being a vital part of networking and sourcing of members TPSF believes participation in such forums plays a key role in strengthening international relationships and facilitating bilateral trade. Strong trade links and mutually respected international networks will provide more business opportunities for the private sector in Tanzania.
For example, during the Turkey-Tanzania Joint Commercial Committee meeting (which was aimed at strengthening business ties between the two countries) TPSF signed an MoU with its Turkish counterpart DIEK. This MoU opens an administrative relationship between the two economies and will facilitate bilateral trade relationships and support the establishment of the Turkey-Tanzania Business Council.
In addition, through this MoU TPSF and DIEK will link the Tanzania Contractors Association and Turkish Contractors association for capacity building purposes.


  • Trade Fairs and Commercial meetings
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A section of Tanzania Business owners at a recent Peer to Peer Dialogue with counterparts i Rwanda as organized by TPSF

  • Business Forums & Council

Tanzania – Turkey Business Forum as organized by Turkish Consulate and TPSF.