TPSF Block Grant


The main objective of the block grant is to build the capacity of TPSF to develop strong collaboration network in advocacy and dialogue between its members and other (apex) PSOs as well as maintaining sustained dialogue with the government on issues of business environment reforms. In particular coordinating and representing Tanzania’s private sector in major economic and policy reform initiatives launched by government and effective participation in established public-private dialogue platforms. Also, to develop and manage collaboration networks and sustained dialogue through communication links, knowledge, sharing, and use of expertise and performance progress; timely, effective and efficiently.


The block grant is expected to come with the following outcomes

  • Improved Advocacy and Dialogue through support to established public-private dialogue platforms
  • Improved Private Sector Coordination and participation in the Public Private Dialogue through enhancement of TPSF’s capacity to coordinate and communicate with its members.
  • Improved TPSF Institutional Framework and Management by addressing TPSF’s systems’ and processes’ constraints to operate more efficiently

Overall Outcome:

Increased performance of economic activities and contribution to Tanzania’s GDP