TPSF Governance

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the supreme organ of TPSF. The Annual General Meeting of members is responsible for review and approval of for approval of Chairperson’s Progress Report for approval of work programs, approval of audited financial statements, and election of office bearers and appointment of external auditors. Each member organization within the Foundation has one vote during the AGM, which meet at least once a year to transact the business specified in the constitution.

The members based on one member one vote elect from the Board of Directors amongst the membership. Meanwhile, the Directors serve for a term of two years and are eligible for re-election whilst the TPSF members, the existing practice, democratically elect the Board and norm ensures that there is adequate sectoral/membership representation on the Board.


Board of Directors

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Dr. Reginald Mengi Chairman (Representing Services Cluster).
Mr. Salum Shamte Vice Chairman (Regional Business Association).
Dr. Samuel Nyantahe Member (Manufacturing/Industry)
Mr. Deogratius Mwanyika
Member (Extractive Industries and Energy)
Mr. Abdulkadir Luta Mohammed Member (Tourism and Natural Resources)
Dr. Charles Kimei Member (Banking and Financial Services)
Mr. Ndibalema Mayanja Member (Trade and Commerce)
Mr. Mohammed Turky Member (Zanzibar PSO Apex Body)
Dr Sinare Y. Sinare Member (Agriculture)
Mrs. Anna Matinde
Member (Women Entrepreneurs).
Ester Mkwizu
Member (Past Chairperson)
Eng. Raymond Mbilinyi
Member (Tanzania National Business Council).
Hon. Sylvestry Koka Member (Corporate)