On 19th September 2022, the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) Board Member Mr. Octavian Mshiu led the TPSF secretariat to meet with the investors from South East Asia (S.E.A) who paid the courtesy call to TPSF to discuss various issues pertaining to trade and investment.

The Southern East Asia Delegation Business convoy led by Hon. Albert Teo assured TPSF that they have investment plans already in place in sectors like gas-based energy production and real estate. They are starting construction of affordable housing in Dodoma and Zanzibar targeting over 6000 houses.

The delegation also expressed their interest in exchanging their technical skills with Tanzania and that they have plans of introducing exchange programs for both Tanzania and the S.E.A to learn from one another. They have shown keen interest to enhance the Tanzania-Asia business relationship through the formation of an active business council to promote business relations between the two economic blocks

On the TPSF side, Mr. Mshiu emphasized opening opportunities for Tanzania business community S.E.A in areas of export trade and investment. He also insisted on a timely start of the Tanzania-Asia business council and TPSF is ready to offer full support.

The S.E.A delegation appreciated the support they get from TPSF and they look forward to stronger ties with the business community of Tanzania and East Africa through TPSF. This engagement paved a way for business and investment opportunities to TPSF members.

Some of the companies present from the S.E.A delegation included Greater Kilimanjaro, Arks, Edra Power Holdings SDN BHD, Mega Dynamics Builders and Insights Law LLC.