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TPSF wants private sector to cope with government speed

MsimbyeThe call was made by the TPSF Executive Director, Mr Godfrey Simbeye during a meeting with the 25 private sectors associations in Dar es Salaam this week to discuss various issues which have an adverse impact on their businesses.
In the meeting, he reminded the associations to see the importance of discussing and cooperating with the government in various economic development issues for the national interest. “Our government is moving faster than the private sector, so we have met to discuss and agree on how we could cope with the speed so that we are not left behind,” said Simbeye. He said, also the aim is for the meeting to discuss on how to strengthen the private sector, to unite and have strong voice in discussing issues relating to their operations and the economy.

According to him, due to the government’s speed in implementing development activities, private sectors have been left behind so they need to be united and become strong in order to get various opportunities for the national economy development.

He said the meeting will give the private sectors direction in implementing what they had agreed and to look at ways to discuss and collaborate with the government to achieve positive results in improving and enhancing the development of the country.

One of the participants at the conference said, the private sector contributes greatly to promoting and developing the economy of the country as they will have a good partnership with the government then it will help to achieve economic development and increase the national income.

Courtesy: Daily News

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