Why you should join TPSF?
  1. To have one Common Voice: Becoming part of a larger body professionally working together to influence policymaking processes that stimulate and spur growth of private businesses in Tanzania. Provides you with an opportunity to contribute and participate in the policy formulation process on issues affecting the Business environment in Tanzania and in the EAC and SADC.
  2.  Platform to share business experiences: Access to information as regards to important business and investment opportunities in Tanzania, EAC, SADC Region protocols etc.
  3. To expand your business connections:   Your organization will also be accorded with the opportunity to advertize and/or access large business information present in the dynamic and interactive Tanzania Private Sector Web portal and Private Sector Business Directory a one stop centre for information sharing and networking for the whole Tanzania Private Sector.Access to business information on private sector development initiatives and various business opportunities as they relate to one’s sector through the TPSF electronic monthly newsletters and Business magazine..
  4. To participate in Local and International business forums: Opportunity to network with private sector leaders, stakeholders and senior government officials through various business forums organized or coordinated by TPSF. Opportunity to participate in local and international forums organized by the Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC). The TNBC meetings are chaired by H.E the President and the TPSF chairperson is his co-chairperson. Note that it is TPSF that nominates all the 20 private sector members in the TNBC.
  5.  To participate in Local and International Business Exhibitions: Members have discounted rates on advertising opportunities and exhibition during TPSF Fee charging activities during local and International events, and will get the opportunity to be nominated for Government business tours.
  6. To be part of the change you would like to see in business doing in Tanzania: Joining TPSF provides a platform where business people can discuss obstacles to their growth, this platform will enable private sector in Tanzania to achieve better business doing environment in Tanzania.