Without the Private Sector SDGs unattainable

The Tanzania Private Sector Foundation participated in the Tanzania Sustainability Summit 2019.

The summit brought multiple stakeholders including the Government, PSOs, DPs & CSOs to engage and discuss on the best synergies for partnerships towards the implementation of SDGs.

 Tanzania’s first voluntary National Review on the SDGs is scheduled for July 2019 at UN, the UN Global Compact Tanzania is currently is compiling issues/recommendations towards the review. There are 17 SDGs geared towards poverty alleviation by 2030.

UN Global Compact Tanzania Chairman and TPSF Board of Director Mr. Simon Shayo while addressing participants at the summit  expected the summit to lift the level of debate on Tanzania’s SDGs performance and identify collective priorities while abstaining from the ”Business as usual Mentality’.

Mr. Simbeye TPSF Executive Director identified numerous issues but most importantly was that the private sector was the biggest player towards the attainment of SDGs as the largest financier and employer, currently employing about 70% of the youth in Tanzania.

Other commentaries from TPSF Executive Director;

•        TPSF will take lead to further sensitize Private Sector on SDGs

•        Call on government for immediate implementation of Blueprint and other reforms to improve the business environment.

•        Contribution of Private sector to SDGs immense, but undocumented or measured, especially on CSI.

•        Participation of CSOs important, however unaware of other initiatives such as TDV the government is working towards becoming a middle Income country by 2025. All poverty alleviation initiatives need to complement each other.

•        Focus on the youth, self-employment and start-ups.

•        Skills development a must for competitiveness and overall industrial aspirations for Tanzania.

 ”This is the first generation that has the potential and means  to alleviate poverty in the world” – Alvaro Rodriguez (UN Resident Coordinator in Tanzania)

”Sustainable development does not just happen or is the responsibility of someone else, somewhere else. It requires everyone to make a global effort and Tanzania needs to play its part. We will be leaving the next generation with problems unless we address   the SDGs-uncertain jobs, unaffordable housing and a degraded environment,” – Emmanuel Nnko (Coordinator for UN Global)”